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The 8 Biggest Challenges That CIOs Face

White Paper May 19, 2023

What are the main concerns facing Chief Information Officers in the modern era?

Over the past year, we’ve looked in depth at 8 major challenges that CIOs have to deal with in order to successfully navigate the technology landscape.

With the growing pace of change, there is ever greater demand for better, faster digital transformation, but so many new digital initiatives fail or lose money due to unaddressed core issues.

This eBook collates the key details, statistics and recommendations from all 8 eBooks into one source, providing a quick reference for all.

Download now to explore: 

  • Why technology costs are spiraling 

  • How data silos proliferate across businesses 

  • The need to migrate to the cloud and the pressures that this brings 

  • How technology introduces guesswork and delays in decision making 

  • The need to address technical debt in infrastructure 

  • Preventative measures for cybersecurity risk 

  • Reasons why enterprise architecture can become isolated from the business 

  • The constraints holding back many enterprise architecture tools