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The Role and Importance of Business Process in Business Architecture

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper demonstrating the integral role played by Business Process when implementing Business Architecture.

We are often asked many different questions around Business Architecture and Business Process, but two specific questions get asked frequently:

“I understand the importance of Business Process, because we are actively involved in documenting our processes and use Business Process Management, but what role does Business Architecture play and how does this relate to Business Processes?”


“I understand the need for a business architecture and how it is used to document our strategic direction. I also see how it assists with the translation of our business needs into the requirements for our application and technology, but what roles does business process play and how does it fit into business architecture?”

The answer to both these questions is in fact the same.

Business Process is in fact an integral component of any business architecture, but furthermore business process is the link between the other components of the business architecture.

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