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Think Process Simplification BEFORE Automation

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper discussing the importance of simplification before automation.

A challenge faced by organizations is how to surmount the difficult equation of increasing productivity whilst also reducing costs. The mantra of “do more with less” is important whatever the prevailing economic climate. In a good economic climate, looking for these types of efficiencies can help to increase profit and market share. In difficult economic times it can be a question of survival.

An understandable reaction to this challenge can be a focus on automation. By automating (or semi-automating) business processes, the organization is able to reduce the processing cost, speed up processing time whilst also releasing some of its workers to more valuable tasks. Automation often requires a significant lump-sum or on-going investment; in car manufacturing it might involve specifying and installing robots on a production line. In a service industry it is more likely to involve automating the flow and processing of information and data and this often involves investment in information technology.

In this white paper, Adrian Reed discusses the importance of simplification for ROI while giving examples and including additional considerations for the reader.