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TOGAF 10 Starter Pack

Enterprise Architecture Jan 10, 2024

A starter pack that contains TOGAF® 10 Visio informative posters, stencils and templates.

The latest version of this framework, TOGAF 10, is a paradigm shift from 9.2. It integrates universal concepts, proven best practices, and emerging ideas and is based on four interrelated architecture domains: Business, Applications, Data, and Technical.

The Open Group Architectural Framework states four high-level goals of TOGAF 10, which are to:

  • Make TOGAF more accessible and easier to use
  • Enhance TOGAF’s support for agility
  • Address the challenges of digital transformation
  • Align TOGAF with the latest industry best practices


This valuable starter pack includes: 

  • TOGAF 10 Need to Know Poster – Everything you need to know about TOGAF 10
  • TOGAF 10 "In Pictures" Poster – A visual introduction to TOGAF
  • TOGAF 10 Templates and Stencils – Easily create attractive TOGAF-compliant diagrams with our free Visio Templates
  • TOGAF 10 Metamodel – a visual depiction of the supported object types and relationships in TOGAF 10.


Whether you're just starting out with TOGAF or you're an experienced practitioner, this starter pack serves as a key resource for any organization looking to adopt the framework. 


Download your free TOGAF 10 Starter Pack now!


Download TOGAF 10 Starter Pack