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Top Ten Factors to Consider When Selecting a TOGAF 9 Repository

White Paper May 19, 2023

This eBook presents 10 key factors that should be understood when choosing a repository tool for an Enterprise Architecture project.

To establish a sustainable Enterprise Architecture Practice based on TOGAF 9 you need a solid architecture repository. When doing an internet search for Enterprise Architecture (EA) repository tools I found everything, from open source ontology projects to master data management software being packaged as EA repositories, so finding a proper EA tool that will support your initiatives is not a trivial task. I have worked on a variety of EA projects using different tools to capture and manage the concepts, and the relationships between those concepts, that I require to produce useful information that I can package for different stakeholders.

Based on his own experience, and those of the architecture professionals that he has worked with and trained over the several years, Louw Labuschagne believe the following 10 key factors must be considered before jumping into a licensing agreement. 

Number 1: EA Repository

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