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Using Architecture Levels to Define the Opportunity and Deliver Better Outcomes

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A white paper discussing how using Architecture Levels can deliver better outcomes.

Architecture levels defined by methodologies such as Zachman et al outline the Conceptual, Logical and Physical levels of detail available and for good reason. When modeling, if you mix your levels of detail and fail to articulate the important issues and potential responses, you risk losing your audience and diluting the value from your funding and Architecture perspectives.

In this White Paper, I will explore practical examples of:

  • How using a Conceptual model supports positioning of a Business Strategy for Executives;
  • Using a Logical model to enable business units to see how their tactical responses contribute value to the business strategy;
  • How Physical models better enable delivery of Projects with reference to current environment challenges, delivery of project scope and realization of benefits.

Whether you are strategizing, planning, supporting technology and business operations or delivering a project, the leveling and positioning of your architecture inputs and outputs is a critical first step to defining the real problems and achieving better outcomes. Let me introduce the levels I am referring to and how they can be applied.

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