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Enterprise Architecture

5 Key Objectives for Business Architects


Business architects are in high demand. As more and more organizations look to create a structured approach to their activities, business architects find themselves increasingly called upon to help oversee this effort. So, what are the key stakeholders in a company expecting from them, and how exactly do business architects help the enterprise? 

  1. Provide an overview of the organization’s capabilities. Before any work can be done, it’s necessary to have a clear understanding of where the enterprise is presently, in terms of its capability, to reach the agreed upon goals. This is a crucial stage because it provides insight into what needs to be done further along in terms of investment and recruitment.
  2. Business architects also help describe the strategy. Whether we’re talking about a new company or turning around an established one, it’s their job to manage the process of identifying opportunities, threats and limitations in order to ensure the company is on the right path. Though they may actually contribute towards creating the strategy, their focus is on delivering structured views of the required work to facilitate implementation.
  3. They align capabilities to strategy. This is essential for an enterprise’s success. Ensuring that every process relates to business goals and helps to reach them is key.
  4. They guide investment. Once an organizational strategy is in place, the business architect will determine what investment is required to bring relevant capabilities to the target levels of performance, as well as what the priorities are. Therefore, they help the organization have a structured and focused approach to spending.


And finally, they Improve decision-making. A business architect outputs work that allows upper management to make informed decisions. They provide insights that are very valuable for C-level executives and ultimately help maintain the organization on a successful path with regard to its inner structure, its relationship with the customers and its positioning in the marketplace. 

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