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IT Governance

COBIT 5 Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise End to End


The scope of COBIT 5’s is all information and related technology in the organization. These are addressed by considering the governance and management of all IT in the organization and means firstly that COBIT 5 integrates the governance of IT into enterprise governance and secondly, that all functions and processes used to govern and manage information and related technology are included as well.

This is what we mean by ‘covering the enterprise end to end’ or as COBIT 5 calls it, the ‘governance approach’.

Integrating IT governance into enterprise governance allows COBIT to seamlessly combine both forms of governance and at the same time taking into account the latest views and developments in governance. In considering all information and technology management processes, COBIT 5 includes all relevant internal and external IT services, as well as internal and external business processes.

This end to end approach consists of 4 main elements: the governance objective of creating value (remember Principle 1?), enablers (which are factors that, individually and collectively, influence whether something will work), scope (how much of the organization are we interested in?) and the final element which consists of roles, activities and relationships.

It is worth noting that COBIT 5 covers all functions and processes across the organization not only the ‘IT function’. It treats information and related technologies as assets that need to be dealt with just like any other organizational asset.

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