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What's New In iServer 2017


Hello! As we're soon to launch iServer 2017, we thought we’d give you the rundown of this new version. Don’t worry, it’s the same iServer you know, but with a few great enhancements we’ve added for extra utility. So, let’s explore these new features.

The upgraded iServer 2017 Portal module helps to raise stakeholder engagement level by making content available in HTML format through a dynamic, business-friendly and web-based portal. It introduces a number of great benefits, such as:

  • making repository content accessible via any web browser
  • limiting visibility based on permissions and approval status, as well as setting custom landing pages for different user groups
  • enabling an unlimited number of users to access the content on their preferred device

iServer Workflow is a full-featured workflow system used to trigger notifications, perform system actions and manage content approval in iServer. This feature allows administrators to protect the quality and integrity of information in the repository by building workflow templates that ensure content is approved before it’s checked back into iServer. This presents a number of benefits: timely alerts when there are changes registered to the repository data, a more streamlined experience through approval-based visibility of content, and of course superior content governance.

The iServer 2017 Enhanced Views feature integrates the improved List and Hierarchy Views and signals the introduction of the new Integrated Matrix Views. Using Enhanced Views, iServer users will be able to build catalogs of targeted repository content, create matrices in order to identify dependences and interrelationships between repository artifacts, trace through hierarchies of related items, as well as save, favourite and share views for the benefit of other stakeholders.

Object Merge capability is another important addition architects will appreciate in iServer 2017. This valuable new feature will let you merge two objects of either the same, or different types within the repository, and this also includes their attributes and relationships, where allowed, by the metamodel. We are certain users will make great use of it in their work for such tasks as consolidating incorrectly captured information or performing deduplication of content.

And finally, Extended Content Management Capabilities allows users to upload and manage, from within the repository, PDFs, videos, images, also email, script and zip files, with the added ability of full version management, permission control, and audit history on all file types.