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Enterprise Architecture

iServer for Business Architecture


iServer enables business architects to develop a strategic view of the architecture that captures tactical and strategic goals to drive the organization forward. 

It provides a range of tools and viewpoints to support strategic planning, and capability-based planning, as well as road mapping and motivational model diagrams to align with stakeholder concerns.

What is Business Architecture?

Business Architecture is concerned with developing an enterprise blueprint used for aligning business requirements and operations with strategic objectives. 

The business architect role is responsible for curating the business architecture, and is concerned with developing and maintaining capability models, documenting measures and metrics, and generating vision and objective statements to help ensure strategic alignment.

How does iServer support Business Architecture?

iServer provides a repository for Business Architecture and offers guidance and support in the form of viewpoint templates, a preconfigured business architecture specific meta-model, as well as a number of resources such as case studies and example views.

With iServer, Business architects are able to ability to quickly and easily generate attractive Visio-based views for key stakeholders, as well as understand how the business architecture fits into the wider organizational context.

Here are just some examples of the types of business architecture viewpoints you can generate with iServer.

  • Business Model Canvas:  The Business Model Canvas is a visual tool that helps describe the organizations business by providing a structure in which to document the nine building blocks of a business model.  
  • Strategy on a Page iServer’s ‘Strategy-on-a-Page’ view summarizes an organizations strategy in terms of the capability map or the enterprise value chain.  This strategy overview aligns with and supports the organizations business model.
  • Business Motivation Model iServer’s support for the Business Motivation Model provides an integrated method of developing, managing and communicating business plans.  These business plans are developed in support of the business strategy – the organization goals, objectives and measures.
  • Capability on a Page iServer’s Capability on a Page view provides and overview of capability support, maturity and strategic importance.  Capability support is shown in terms of processes, people or roles, and the applications that the capability involves. Capabilities provide the platform on which to carry out business plans and fulfil the strategy.
  • Programme Roadmap Once the strategy and business plans are defined, and a target state capability landscape has been defined, a roadmap for achieving this target state can be developed.  Maturing capabilities in support of the business strategy is carried out though programs and projects, which can be visualized using iServer roadmap views.

Business Architecture is just one of the many architecture domains supported by iServer.

To see how iServer can support your own Business Architecture activities, please book a tailored demonstration with an iServer consultant today

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