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Enterprise Architecture

IT4IT Enabling Business Transformation


In the digital age, the increasing pace of doing business is driving the need for enterprises to respond faster and more efficiently to changing market and economic factors.

The ‘business agility’ of organizations – how quickly they can change the way they operate – is increasingly dependent on the ability to transform and align IT to deliver value.

To ensure that you are able meet these challenges you need an IT vision that is understandable and more importantly can deliver required business outcomes.

That’s where Orbus and the IT4IT standard can help you.

We identify 6 Core Management Domains that enable organisations of all sizes and complexity to successfully transform their Business and IT. 

  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Alignment
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Business Process Analysis
  • ERP Process Management

We believe that all organisations can accelerate the positive impact of any of these domains on the transformation of their business and IT, by adopting best practices standards and frameworks.

As these management practices mature, the people, process, structures and technology involved interact and integrate. In reality these are not a set of distinct management domains and standards, they are all converging, which requires a central framework and effective collaboration to be manged effectively.

Basing the 6 domains areas around the IT4IT® Reference Architecture provides all the techniques and tools necessary to deliver relevant, efficient and high-performing IT to your business.

Although using IT4IT allows you to consider all aspects of your IT business, you can’t have everything running from day one.

This is why you need a Reference Architecture underpinned by a proven repository-based environment that supports your IT and business demands as they grow in speed and complexity.

The iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite from Orbus Software integrates these 6 management domains and enables organizations to manage, govern and visualize enterprise transformation.

iServer extends and enhances Microsoft Visio and Word, adding a central repository, multi-user collaboration, analytics, reporting and presentation tools, as well as support for a wide range of industry standards and notations.

iServer also provides specific support for implementing and integrating the IT4IT® reference architecture with pre-defined Visio templates and stencils ……. as well as the IT4IT® value chain as a Visio model with drill down capabilities into specific value streams and their components.


Furthermore, iServer provides full, Open-Group-certified support for the ArchiMate modeling notation to model out details of the IT4IT components.

[Show the ArchiMate stencil and one of the IT4IT diagrams in ArchiMate]

With IT4IT and iServer you can use a value chain approach to standardise your IT-landscape documentation and modeling, and in turn – help realise the benefits of IT4IT:


  • IT Operations
  • IT Delivery Times
  • IT Cost Efficiency
  • IT Customer Satisfaction

To pick up a free IT4IT Modeling Starter pack or see IT4IT and iServer in action just ask one of our consultants

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