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Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management


Successful Project Portfolio Management is crucial for program driven organizations that must maintain projects and portfolios over time in the most efficient and cost effective way to ensure they deliver strategic change.

Sarah is a project manager who has a portfolio of current and proposed IT projects which need to be consistently managed, analysed and prioritised, whilst taking into account a number of variables such as project cost, time, resource skills and budgets.

Sarah’s project data is stored all over the place so understanding project overlaps and dependencies, and the impact projects will have on the rest of the organization, is difficult to measure. Performing analysis and communicating progress and project outcomes to key stakeholders is also a challenge as she must take data from different locations, so data quickly becomes out of date.

Sarah’s  company is investing in iServer’s Project Portfolio Management solution, providing a platform for managing, reporting and scheduling IT project portfolios that exist within the wider organization. iServer provides a preconfigured central repository for PPM, full support for the Prince 2 Project Management Method, as well as standard reports and dashboards for stakeholder engagement.

With iServer, Sarah can easily view all her projects in one central location and understand the relationship between projects and programs, their locations, capabilities and goals. Sarah can plan future investment based on business goals and capability maturity. She can also report on and analyze project and portfolio costs to optimize investments. Meanwhile, the ability to perform risk analysis and strategic alignment of projects, also ensures her efforts are kept within the wider organisational context. Furthermore, Sarah is able to follow a best practice process based method and technique using iServer’s support for Prince 2.

Sarah is now better able to perform detailed analysis and easily communicate the status of her project portfolio to all her stakeholders. Without performing complex exports of data that is difficult to digest, she is able to utilise visually friendly reports and dashboards at the click of a button.

With iServer, project managers and PMO teams have the ability to step back and take a top-down approach to project portfolio management.

Place your project portfolio management practice at the centre of your organization with iServer. To see how iServer for Project Portfolio Management can benefit your organization, book a demonstration with one of our dedicated consultants today.

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