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Strategic Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management


iServer is a leading enterprise transformation tool used by businesses around the world to successfully manage their technology portfolios.

As part of iServer's Strategic Portfolio Management Solution, stakeholders across the organisation can access a range of interactive dashboards to explore the enterprise’s technology infrastructure and system software landscape.

These represent a formidable analysis tool – highly specific, but at the same time very easy to understand by IT and the business alike.

The interactive dashboards are rendered from data in iServer’s central repository and enable analysis through a range of lenses – for instance risk, cost, lifecycle or status.

By navigating between lenses, users are able to drill down, highlight and filter data on the fly.

Some of the typical scenarios that iServer helps to solve include:

  • Identifying incompatible technology standards
  • Identifying system software with overlapping functionality
  • Highlighting the potential risk posed by certain infrastructure components

With the SPM dashboards, stakeholders uncover critical insight about the technology portfolio allowing businesses to enhance understanding, cut costs and minimize risk exposure.

To learn more about how iServer can help you optimise your technology portfolio practice, ask for a call back today!

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