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iServer supports the development of end-to-end solution architectures by providing a holistic understanding of the various components required to implement a solution.

It provides a number of features, tools and dashboards for supporting activities such as deployment and retirement planning through roadmaps, change impact heatmaps, capability assessments and gap analysis.  

Solution Architecture is often concerned with the design of systems and infrastructure required for the implementation of a specific solution, or business change initiative. Solution architecture often encompass many different architecture layers or viewpoints such as business architecture, system architecture and data architecture, for example.

The Solutions Architect role is responsible for developing architectural solutions for documenting and implementing business change initiatives.  This role is often required to interpret business and technical requirements into best practice architectures, which ensuring integration with the rest of the organization and existing systems.

iServer’s comprehensive support for all architecture domains and a variety of viewpoints enables end-to-end support for solution architecture development and management.

The iServer central repository which caters for all business, technology and integration architecture artefacts and viewpoints, allows solutions architects to understand the scope and impact of the change initiative, and allows them to develop view to communicate solutions to stakeholders at all levels and with varied interests. iServer offers a number of example views and templates out the box.

The benefits of iServer’s Solution Architecture support includes;

-          the ability to understand the business and technical impact of change,

-          a holistic view of the impact of change initiatives across the organization

-          effective stakeholder communication at all levels and from many perspectives

Here are just some examples of the types of solution architecture views iServer can help you generate.

  • [1 – Conceptual Solution Architecture]: The Conceptual Solution Architecture view provides a high-level overview of the proposed solution.  This view does not go into the detail of technologies or integrations required for the solution
  • [2 – Logical Technology Architecture]: Logical Technology Architecture assists in defining the technical solution landscape, identifying the different types of technologies required or impacted by the solution.
  • [3 – UML Use Case Diagram]: a use case diagram assists in identifying the business requirements to be addressed by systems and processes of the proposed solution.  It represents users interactions, or use cases, as well as the expected outcomes of using a system.
  • [4 – Solution Architecture Document]:  A solution architecture document is an example of the output of the soluton archtecture in the iServer repository.  This type of deliverable is often used for approvals and governance activities.

Solution Architecture is just one of the many architecture domains supported by iServer.

To see how iServer can support your own Solution Architecture activities, please book a tailored demonstration with an iServer consultant today. 

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