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The Principles of COBIT 5


COBIT 5 has evolved from a number of other ISACA frameworks and guidance.  During this evolution, and years of adoption by a number of companies in various industries, it became evident that the use of framework principles could be easily understood and put into context, allowing adopters to more effectively derive value from the guidance.

This idea was extended into COBIT 5 formally (also recognizing that both Val IT and Risk IT frameworks are principles based) and is at the heart of the framework. It is worth noting that other non-COBIT 5 frameworks also promote the use of principles - most notably TOGAF.

COBIT 5 is based on 5 principles that enable the organization to build an effective governance and management framework that optimises information and technology investment and use for the benefit of a wide range of organizational stakeholders.

The five COBIT 5 principles are:

  1. Meeting stakeholder needs
  2. Covering the enterprise end to end
  3. Applying a single integrated framework
  4. Enabling a holistic approach
  5. Separating governance from management

Remember that these 5 COBIT principles are specifically designed to be generic so that while they provide guidance they are at the same time applicable for enterprises of all sizes, whether commercial, not for profit or in the public sector.

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