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This video details the ways in which Orbus Software’s iServer supports the ArchiMate modelling language. It is useful for enterprise architects at all career stages as well as management level figures as it provides an overview of the ways in which our market leading platform integrates the ArchiMate framework. So let’s get into it.

ArchiMate is an open, independent graphical language used to represent an organization’s enterprise architecture over time. It is maintained by The Open Group and its latest version is ArchiMate 3. An international standard modelling language offers a number of advantages:

-          It promotes efficient communication of architecture throughout the organization

-          It has a comprehensive body of knowledge supporting it

-          It offers great integration with TOGAF, the de facto industry framework

And it’s continuously improved by industry leaders to ensure best practice.

iServer provides full support for ArchiMate 3. This means that right out-of-the-box, it incorporates the full notation, meta-model, standard viewpoints and reference materials, therefore ensuring you develop your architecture in accordance with industry best practice. Of course, being a flexible platform, you can customize what parts of the framework you implement in order to meet your organization’s exact needs.

iServer also supports the ArchiMate Model Exchange File format. With the help of Orbus Software’s Diagram Exchange service, architects can easily transfer ArchiMate architecture models or diagrams between different EA tools.

Furthermore, iServer includes a Validation Rules Engine. This is a highly useful feature because it allows users to instantly check whether the diagrams created in the repository are compliant with the ArchiMate 3 specification.

Lastly, should you require any assistance, Orbus Software has a great support department with one the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry. Our consultants will help you make the most out of iServer’s ArchiMate 3 integration and ensure you’re on your way to building a compliant enterprise architecture.

To sum up, iServer’s integration of ArchiMate 3 includes the full notation, the meta-model, the standard viewpoints, reference materials, support for the ArchiMate Model Exchange File Format, the Validation Rules Engine and access to our support team.

After seeing this video, you hopefully understand more about iServer’s extensive ArchiMate 3 integration capabilities. To see it in more detail, book a product demonstration with one of our skilled consultants today.

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