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Enterprise Architecture

Benefits of ArchiMate


ArchiMate can help develop an organization's enterprise architecture. Here are some of the key benefits of the framework:

It ensures consistency across all architecture models. This means an organization's communication of architecture is clear and consistent across all your business domains.

It provides stakeholders with guidance. With ArchiMate, stakeholders will be able to design, assess and communicate the consequences of any decisions and changes within these business domains.

Developing, sustaining and changing an enterprise architecture is a very complex process. ArchiMate helps by providing material such as a framework, viewpoints and other reference materials. These can be used by architects and analysts, whether they are new to or experienced with the discipline.

ArchiMate is always kept up to date. The latest developments and ideas in enterprise architecture are taken into consideration and the ArchiMate framework is continually being enhanced.

Organizations will never be short of finding the right people to help develop their enterprise architecture as there are plenty of certified practitioners and trainers.

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