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Business Motivation Model in one minute


The Business Motivation Model is used in Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning to successfully develop, communicate and manage business plans.

Using it, business architects and analysts are able to clearly map out the motivation of the organization and ensure all stakeholders understand the overall vision, strategy and tactics employed in achieving the desired goals.

The Business Motivation Model offers a set of valuable concepts to consider, a standard vocabulary, as well as a flexible model to support development processes. Its main concepts are Influencers, Assessments, Ends, and Means, all of which are further broken down into more granular notions.

This model also works well with other tools. For instance, you can use ArchiMate to create a high-level motivation model of the enterprise, but rely on a Business Motivation Model to provide a detailed description of a certain area.

Ultimately, the Business Motivation Model it is a great conceptual tool for bringing clarity and coherence to your business plans. Whether you wish to design a new business, or maybe turn around an established one, the BMM will help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

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