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Digital Transformation & Agents of Change


In recent times we have seen the market impacted by a pandemic, recession, climate change, war, and more. These disruptive forces need to be dealt with, yet, at the same time, enterprises are looking to grow their revenues and profits.

Underpinning all of this is digital transformation. Complexity is the most prominent problem organizations have when architecting their digital future, especially governments and large corporations. These kinds of organizations have lots of silos and are typically hyper-complex, which makes their ability to transform a real challenge. 

This is where Orbus Software can help. Orbus brings together all of the information needed in the enterprise into a single source of truth to support decision-making across the business. Ultimately, these decisions will be the ‘Agent of Change’.  

Tim Mitchell, VP of Product Marketing & Chief Evangelist commented “All change across an organization, whether it's smaller change or larger change, whether it's brought about by big initiatives or quick projects, needs decisions to be made. And that's what the Orbus platform is - a decision making engine for organizations. And once they have the ability to manage that complexity and make those decisions, you then find they can build resiliency and help businesses grow.”