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iServer supports the alignment of application architectures with the business strategy,  by capturing, managing and optimizing application portfolios and relating them back to the business services and capabilities they support.

It provides a range of features, tools and dashboards for supporting cost optimization and technology portfolio planning.  Deployment and retirement roadmaps, and risk based heatmaps can be created to support decision making and address stakeholder concerns.

What is Application Architecture?

Application Architecture, or information systems architecture, is concerned with ensuring the applications and systems in an organization are fit for purpose (they have a good business fit) in that they support the business strategy and functions, and that they are a good technical fit, meaning they are aligned w ith the technical strategy.  

The application architect role is responsible for ensuring the application landscape is accurately defined, curated and reported on, and that future application deployments and changes are in line with the business and technology strategy.

How does iServer support Application Architecture?

iServer provides a central repository for all application and technology components and supports change impact analysis, strategic alignment dashboards and reporting.  Technical components are all structured by a pre-defined meta-model improving governance and data quality.  iServer also offers a number of example views and templates for understanding the application portfolio in the context of the organization.

The benefits of iServer Application Architecture support includes the ability to understand the business impact of change to the technical landscape, identifying opportunities for cost reductions and optimizations, and decision support.

Here are just some examples of the types of application architecture views iServer can help you generate:

  • Application Landscape The application landscape view is a dynamic data driven view showing the applications on the landscape at a particular point in time.  This support understanding of the how the landscape is evolving.
  • Application Lifecycle Roadmap  The Lifecycle roadmap depicts how the applications in the landscape are supporting the business functions or capabilities over time.
  • Application Scoring This view plots applications on a matrix of business and technical fit, and also shows the cost of the applications as the size of the bubble.  This views helps identify candidate applications for rationalization
  • Application Dashboards  Application dashboards allow users to dynamically query iServer application landscape data and create attractive dashboards for communication and presentation to senior level management.  These also provide decision support.

Application Architecture is just one of the many architecture domains supported by iServer.

To see how iServer can support your own Application Architecture activities, please book a tailored demonstration with an iServer consultant today. 

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