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iServer in the Cloud


iServer is a leading business and IT transformation suite used by organizations all over the world to propel their key change initiatives. The platform offers three options for deployment – on premises, hybrid on premise and cloud, and a full cloud deployment.

iServer in the Cloud is a great option for customers who wish to leverage iServer's market leading features, while enjoying all the advantages of a true zero footprint deployment and subscription based pricing model, powered by the world most popular and secure cloud platform – Microsoft Azure.

This means no infrastructure investment, no maintenance costs, and no extra security costs. The Cloud solution ensures an absolute minimal impact on your IT function, freeing up not only budget but also resources that can then be reallocated with increased impact.

Furthermore, our subscription model allows organizations significant flexibility around costing, with a large degree of customization available to cater for any requirements a client might have. Add to this a low initial charge and the ability to easily align the cost to an OPEX budget, and you’ve got the making of very financially competitive solution.

However an iServer cloud deployment isn’t just convenient, it’s also extremely secure. When purchasing iServer in the cloud you get access to a range of transparency and privacy controls. These capabilities safeguard your compliance status irrespective of the industry or region where you are operating.

And finally, if you’re worried about reliability and scalability for the future, remember that our cloud offering is powered by Microsoft Azure. As such, we are able to offer users a dynamically scalable environment that features 99.9% uptime and full compliance coverage in every region, as well as premium backup and disaster recovery capabilities.