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iServer SharePoint Connect


In the digital age, harnessing data and responding to new information at speed is no longer optional.

If your systems are unable to provide the volume, accuracy and quality of data needed to run near real-time analytics, your competitors will get ahead.

iServer SharePoint Connect, a bidirectional Microsoft Flow Connector, integrates the iServer Repository with SharePoint – or indeed any system/service available in Microsoft Flow – to ensure the constant stream of data into your architecture repository.

By integrating iServer with SharePoint you can:

  • Enable effective and collaborative assessments for portfolios
  • Publish portfolio content to SharePoint for wider scale collaboration on data collection
  • Populate your iServer Repository by leveraging existing SharePoint data
  • Enrich the metadata and relationships used in dashboards

Ultimately iServer SharePoint Connect enables a more collaborative environment, enhanced governance and the ability to respond to changing circumstance with near real-time data and metrics. It supports a range of scenarios and provides insight into the impact of change by integrating iServer portfolio or architecture components with data from SharePoint or any other system or service available in Microsoft Flow..

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