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Orbus Software provide an iServer accelerator for organisations to successfully deliver Lean projects as part of their Business Process Improvement initiatives.

The Lean Accelerator is offered as part of the iServer Business Process Analysis solution and comprises a pre-configured iServer repository out-of-the-box with a custom metamodel and support for a range of Lean techniques and templates.

iServer’s Lean repository is structured around the DMAIC [Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control] process, and allows users to choose the proper Lean Technique to use at each stage of the process.

This provides a central storage point for all Lean content, and a structured, easy to use approach to business process improvement.

The accelerator includes a custom Lean metamodel, incorporating the BPMN 2.0 process modeling notation and fully integrated with iServer’s BPA metamodel, allowing teams to incorporate a Lean approach with other business process analysis and improvement initiatives

Attractive Visio and Word templates and stencils are provided for each Lean technique, allowing users to

Scope processes with the SIPOC or IGOE diagram

Generate a Project Charter with a Project Team Map and Stakeholder Analysis Chart

Visualize waste and potential causes on a BPMN process diagram

Perform a root cause analysis using the Ishikawa Diagram or Root Cause Analysis Diagram

Identify and prioritize solutions using the PICK Chart, and monitor and implement those projects with a Solution Roadmap.

And use a Value Stream Map to analyze and design the flow of material and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer.

In addition to the repository, a variety of resources are provided to raise awareness and improve understanding of Lean. Examples include: posters, white papers, videos and "how to guides" to help teams understand, implement and benefit from Lean.

In summary, the iServer Lean accelerator incorporates:

  • A central storage point for all Lean content
  • A Lean Metamodel integrated with iServer ‘s BPA metamodel
  • A structured, easy-to-use approach to BPI and Lean
  • Lean Resources to promote awareness and understanding

To discover how iServer and the lean accelerator can help your business deliver successful Lean projects, book a half hour demonstration with one of our consultants today.



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