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Orbus Software Roadmap - Portal


The iServer 2017 Portal is a feature that makes repository content available in HTML format through a dynamic, business-friendly and web-based portal.

Portal introduces a number of benefits to the end users. They can communicate iServer content to the wider business through a platform that’s easy to use and accessible from any internet browser. Portal makes it possible to limit visibility based on permissions and set approval status of content.

Furthermore, because the repository content is converted into HTML and published as a webpage, iServer 2017 Portal can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, by an unlimited number of business users.

A simple illustration of the benefits of HTML 5 Portal is to  consider a process analyst who would like to educate a group of highly mobile business users on a process flow. They can readily do this by making the process available via a web browser. This would then allow the target group to reference business process steps on the go, from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

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