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iServer supports security architecture professionals by allowing them to track the progress and maturity of their practice over time and ensuring alignment to relevant security frameworks and methodologies. 

Security architecture is the practice of creating and maintaining a unified security design to address the requirements and risks present in a certain environment, in a manner that is both robust, as well as repeatable. As a result, security architects need to have a thorough understanding of their organization’s systems, but also of where the access points are for different stakeholders. Having a complete vision of the IT landscape is an invaluable asset in the effort to implement, monitor and enforce the best user policies and protocols.

The iServer repository provides a central location where you can apply and manage your chosen security framework and methodology. This allows you to manage large volumes of security–related data and information, whilst also keeping track of its maturity – all in a single, secure environment. What’s more, this feature allows architects to stay on top of the ever-evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring they are met in a way that is consistent with the company’s business goals.

Thanks to the platform’s IT Management capabilities, you’ll benefit from an integrated reporting, analysis and decision-making capability for all your security-related activities. As such, you’ll be able to view live security information in order to support IT investment decisions across all domains, and measure performance against specific strategic objectives. Among some of the views that security architects can generate are the security matrix model, physical security model and trust frameworks.

Finally, because iServer is such a highly customizable tool, it can support your security framework of choice out-of-the-box, which ultimately helps you implement industry best practice across your entire architecture. For instance, iServer provides support for SABSA, the leading security methodology for developing business operational risk-based architectures. Using this framework, you can align your architecture with business value, making sure your organization strikes an equilibrium between risks and reward.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect after deploying iServer:

  • Security and control specifications serving as guidance for implementing and auditing systems
  • Security architecture patterns for reuse and consistency across technical solutions

•     Security guiding principles for consideration in change initiatives

Security architecture is just one of the many architecture domains supported by iServer. To see how iServer can support your own activities, please book a free demo with a consultant today. 

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