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Application Portfolio Management


iServer is used by organizations around the world to successfully optimise their application portfolios in line with strategic goals, by enabling them to effectively capture, analyse and rationalise their application landscape.

As part of its Strategic Portfolio Management Solution, iServer provides users access to a range of detailed dashboards enabling them to gain important insights about their applications through a range of perspectives, such as risk, cost, duplication and lifecyle.

These dashboards are driven by data in iServer’s central repository and they allow APM professionals to query the repository to ensure the application layer is the most fit for purpose for the enterprise.

Some of the most commonly used dashboards include:

Application Functional Overlap, which enables comparison of applications that perform similar functions and enables identification of applications to be retired

Application Value Analysis, which helps stakeholders understand the value and criticality of application in the delivery of an organisations capabilities so they can decide where to apply addional resources.

Application Business Impact, which highlights most at-risk applications and the impact they have on the business if they were to fail. This is crucial for stakeholders to decide where to mitigate risk by focusing investment

Ultimately, the iServer SPM solution presents stakeholders with the application portfolio information they need to make faster and better-informed investment decisions, which help deliver against strategic goals.

To learn more about how iServer can help you better understand and optimise your application portfolio, book a demo today!

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