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Enterprise Architecture

What is Enterprise Architecture? | Orbus Software


Enterprise Architecture is a rigorous approach for describing the structure of an enterprise. A well managed enterprise architecture results in an effective enterprise.

Enterprise architecture is really three things.

Firstly it is a discipline. As a discipline it is a way of thinking about the structure of an enterprise. An enterprise architect is a professional with know-how, skills, and aptitude in this discipline.

Secondly it is a process. There are processes for architecting an enterprise. They cover how architectures are created, how they evolve and change, and how they are managed.

Finally, enterprise architecture is a set of work products – a set of models and representations that describe the structure of an enterprise.

Enterprise architecture provides a specific approach for understanding and describing the structure of an enterprise in a rigorous way.

This gives us a big picture view of the constraints and limitations imposed by the current structure of the enterprise. Architects can then show what options exist to change or make improvements – by embedding better target structures.

Enterprise architects produce pictures, diagrams, plans and roadmaps that explain the current limitations and show how changes could make things better. They follow processes to take into account the opinions and views of all stakeholders and make the best of available resources and investments. And they use many techniques that are not found in other management disciplines.

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