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What's in an iServer Demo?


Hello. I’m going to briefly take you through what you can expect from a demonstration of the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite.

A demonstration is normally conducted online using GoToMeeting, WebEx or Skype, and depending on your time zone this will be with one of our consultants from our London, New York or Sydney offices. If you prefer we may be able to visit you in person instead.

An hour is sufficient, but if you would like to dive into a lot of detail we would suggest 90 minutes.

First a quick recap on your requirements and what you would like to achieve from the session

Next we introduce the company and the product range with a few brief slides – don’t worry, we’ll keep this part brief and focus on the demo!

Then we spend the majority of the session on a detailed product demonstration, tailored to your requirements, illustrating the capabilities provided for your domain of interest and your specific role. This may be Enterprise Architecture or Business Process Modeling and Analysis, or it may be Governance Risk and Compliance, IT Portfolio Management or ERP Process Management. Typically, we will also demonstrate any standards, frameworks or methodologies of interest.

What’s more – where possible we like to demonstrate the software to you using your own content! So if you can provide us with examples of your process or architecture diagrams, spreadsheets of data, or other Office or Visio content, we will build this into the demonstration.

We finish up with questions.

After the demonstration we will then send you access to a variety of materials including case studies, white papers, reviews, free templates and more!

So, in summary, a demonstration is the best way to understand how iServer could help your organization. It is a free service, tailored to your requirements, at a date and time of your choosing.

Book your iServer demo today!

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