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What is an iServer PoC?


iServer is a leading business and IT transformation suite, used by hundreds of organizations around the world. They think it’s great, and so do we, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

As a prospective customer, Orbus Software will offer you a free proof of concept service. This will give you the opportunity to test iServer with your own data, and prove for yourself that iServer can meet your requirements, and deliver value for your organization.

So if you are looking to invest in a collaborative modeling tool, there are probably a number of key things that you need to confirm:

1. Compare iServer to the Competition
Firstly, you want to see how iServer compares to the competition, in terms of cost, functionality, ease of use, vendor support and other factors.

2. Evaluate iServer
You will want to try out the software to prove it does what we say, and test that it genuinely is easy to use.

3. Evaluate Orbus
But it is also an opportunity to get a feel for Orbus – the consulting and support experience.

4. Migration path from Legacy tool
If you are replacing a legacy tool, you will need to show that you can migrate the data and prove that the iServer solution will be more successful. where your existing tool has failed.

5. Build the Business Case / Quantify ROI
Finally, before you can invest in a tool you probably need to build a business case. Prior to investing in a tool. So, you will want to justify the cost by proving the potential benefits and potential the return on investment offered by iServer.

So, how does a proof of concept work? Let’s take a closer look…

Step 1: Your iServer Consultant
An experienced enterprise architect or process analyst will be assigned to support you throughout the your evaluation.

Step 2: Requirements Workshop
The next step is a workshop to take care to discuss your requirements and challenges, stakeholders, and to identify your stakeholders and what the challenges are that you would like to solve, objectives for the for the proof of concept exercise, and what diagrams/data you have that you wish to use. You can also decide which of iServer’s many supported architecture frameworks, process models and standards you wish to evaluate.

Step 3: Building your Tailored Evaluation
The best way to try out a tool is in context, so we will configure iServer to match your organization. Don’t worry – it won’t take long! Entire meta-models and frameworks can be implemented in iServer in a fraction of the time it would take in other tools.

Then we take a sample of your architecture diagrams and data, and import these to illustrate how your content would look and feel in iServer.

Step 4: Presentation
When iServer has been configured to your requirements, the consultant will guide your team through the resulting model. In this presentation, the consultant will highlight the features and benefits of iServer, and explain them specifically within the context of your organization.

Step 5: Training and Support
After the presentation, we will provide a one to one online training session to take you through the basics, and give you access to our online eLearning courses, user guides and other training materials.

Step 6: Evaluation
We will then provide access to a hosted online evaluation of your iServer proof of concept. This will allow you to try out any aspect of the software, verify that it is indeed easy to use, test that the functionality meets your requirements, and prove its value to your colleagues.

Step 7: Business Case
Finally, we can assist you to build the business case for purchase of an EA tool, by quantifying the return on investment that you can hope to achieve.
The iServer Proof of Concept is so much more than your average software trial. It is a great opportunity to prove that iServer is the right best tool for your organization.

We will take time to understand your requirements, implement a model that uses your own data and choice of standards, train you on how to use the software, provide a hosted evaluation environment, and help you build the business case for purchase.

And we do all of this for FREE !

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