iServer Ideation

iServer Ideation enables C-Level executives to engage with the rest of the business by defining strategically aligned challenges. Ideas are then crowdsourced from across the organization, shared and voted on, before being scored against strategic criteria and prioritized with the help of metrics and dashboards.


iServer Ideation lets you identify, capture and harness ideas, while ensuring they are aligned with your organization’s strategy.

By integrating it into iServer and pulling together data from a range of sources, you can visualize the impact of any idea on your organization.

An array of dashboards and metrics provide insight into the potential value of any given solution, letting you make well-informed business decisions.

Driving the strategic alignment of the business through ideation ensures:

  • More employee engagement, leading to a culture of innovation
  • Continuous improvement as your organization delivers solutions to critical business objectives
  • Product development that leverages the creativity of your employees, partners and customers
  • A collaborative environment that helps improve customer experience

Ultimately, iServer ideation provides a platform for the C-Level to engage directly with the entire enterprise, helping to align projects and strategy.

Empowered staff are able to directly influence and develop solutions to complex problems, which in turn leads to more innovation, efficiency and happier customers.