Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Gain insight into pharmaceutical production data and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations

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The pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape

The journey from ‘concept to cabinet’ is laden with complexity and challenges.

However, inefficiencies, outdated processes, and regulatory intricacies shouldn't slow you down. OrbusInfinity is your partner in enterprise transformation, empowering you to modernize operations, uphold compliance, and accelerate drug delivery—all while putting the end-user first.

Discover the transformative power of Orbus Enterprise Architecture solutions.

Helping you to modernize processes, improve efficiency, and cut costs across your enterprise while creating visibility and synergy across multiple business units and locations.





Gartner forecasts that global healthcare IT expenditures will increase by 9.3% each year to reach approximately $317.5 billion by 2026


Future-proof your investment

How is your organization ensuring the optimization and justification of your escalating investment?


Meet OrbusInfinity

A unified platform enabling strategy, quality control, production, and supply chain management teams

With customized solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers can streamline their production processes, manage their research data with ease, and integrate cutting-edge technologies with legacy systems effortlessly. By addressing these challenges head-on, pharmaceutical manufacturers can enhance their operational efficiency, safeguard critical patient data, and ultimately deliver superior medications that set them apart from competitors.

Compliance and risk navigation

Compliance and risk navigation


  • Identify compliance gaps and mitigate risks 
  • Document and monitor compliance-related information 
  • Efficiently map, analyze, and optimize your portfolio to ensure alignment with strategic visions and regulatory requirements

Effective data management

Effective data management 

  • Establish data governance frameworks, policies, and standards 
  • Ensure data consistency, quality, and accuracy across systems 
  • Secure patient data, maintain their trust, and avoid the penalties of non-compliance

Application architecture and streamlined operations

Application architecture and streamlined operations  

  • Enhance your organization’s ability to make informed decisions about technology investments 
  • Import existing application data to create a centralized inventory 
  • Provide a range of application insights to support portfolio management and roadmapping activities 

The value of OrbusInfinity

Elevating pharmaceutical standards with OrbusInfinity


Tackling regulatory challenges head-on

Every pill, drop, or injection undergoes strict regulations for public health. OrbusInfinity streamlines your departments to exceed these standards, making GxP audit readiness a seamless outcome of efficient operations.

Efficiency and Cost reduction

Enhanced efficiency and reduced costs

OrbusInfinity ensures quality in enterprise transformation and enhances the 'concept to cabinet' visibility. By optimizing systems, we convert costs to value, leading to faster, safer, and more affordable medications for stakeholders.

Efficient processes

The human element: Why efficiency matters

Inefficient drug production harms patient well-being. Streamlined operations enhance medication accessibility and life quality. Orbus Enterprise Architecture refines processes for better visibility, ensuring business continuity and organizational transformation.

Orbus Software


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Key features

Why OrbusInfinity aligns perfectly with Pharma-Manufacturing needs

Central EA Repository

Shape change initiatives with a comprehensive understanding of dependencies and potential conflicts

Integrations and Connectivity

Enhance your data inventory and obtain deep insights

Solutions and Accelerators for IT Portfolio Management

Identify and eliminate minimal-value tech and map attributes for robust decision-making

Enforcement of Standards

Maintain a consistent EA model with key industry standards

Collaboration and Co-Creation

Engage stakeholders with integrated tools like SharePoint and Teams


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