Gain visibility into organizational data and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements

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The reinsurance sector acts as a safety net for insurance companies


However, when you take a closer look into these complex environments, you will typically find legacy system debt, disorganized data, out-of-date operations, and a lack of visibility into standard company process flow.

OrbusInfinity is here to enable your organization to modernize and transform, becoming more efficient and achieving greater visibility within the organisation than ever before.

With a holistic perspective on your company’s architecture covering every operational aspect, Orbus empowers you to tackle risks, navigate a complex regulatory landscape and uphold compliance.

OrbusInfinity enables you to bridge the gap, transforming complexities into streamlined operations, and creating synergy across all domains.


Meet OrbusInfinity

A unified platform enabling Strategy, Architecture, Process and Portfolio Management Teams

With customized solutions, reinsurers can streamline their processes, manage their data with ease, and integrate new technologies with legacy systems seamlessly. By addressing these challenges head-on, reinsurers can improve their operational efficiency, protect sensitive customer data, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences that keep them ahead of the competition.

Compliance & Risk Navigation

    • Identify compliance gaps and mitigate compliance risks 
    • Document and monitor compliance-related information 
    • Demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards 
    • Map compliance controls and requirements directly to their architectural components 

    Manage your Application Architecture

    Enhance your organization’s ability to make informed decisions about technology investments with a centralized view of IT assets, associated costs, and alignment with business goals

    • Seamlessly integrate new technologies with legacy systems 
    • Import existing application data from Excel and ITSM systems to create a central inventory 
    • Enrich your application data by sourcing data from stakeholders across the organization 
    • Map interdependencies with other applications, capabilities and processes 
    • Provide a range of application insights to support portfolio management and roadmapping activities

    Effectively Manage your Data

    • Define the structure, data and attributes of data entities within your organization  
    • Ensure data consistency, quality, and accuracy across different systems  
    • Establish data governance frameworks, policies, and standards that guide your organization's data-related practices  
    • Ensure your data landscape is supported by and aligns to your technology infrastructure, now and in the future


    Just Group

    Discover how migrating to OrbusInfinity has empowered Just Group to better manage technical debt, make smarter investments, and achieve improved operational resilience.


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    Key features

    Why OrbusInfinity aligns perfectly with Pharma-Manufacturing needs

    Central EA Repository

    OrbusInfinity's centralized repository is the keystone to your Enterprise Architecture (EA) landscape. Shape change initiatives with a comprehensive understanding of dependencies and potential conflicts.

    Integrations and Connectivity

    Seamlessly build your EA model using REST API and integrate with third-party systems. Enhance your data inventory and obtain deep insights.

    Solutions and Accelerators for IT Portfolio Management

    Leverage toolkits tailored for IT Portfolio Management. Identify and eliminate minimal-value tech and map attributes for robust decision-making.

    Enforcement of Standards

    Maintain a consistent EA model. Whether adhering to specific notation or broad frameworks, ensure compliance with key industry standards.

    Collaboration and Co-Creation

    Engage stakeholders with integrated tools like SharePoint and Teams, encouraging them to contribute and co-create.

    Analysis and Visualization

    Address stakeholder queries and elucidate relationships across departments with auto-generated visualizations.


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