Orbus Software Cloud ARR Grows by Over 300%

H1 Momentum Release 2022

For us Orbeez, it’s been a busy few months! Today we announced that Orbus Software is on track to achieve £20 million annual recurring revenue in 2022, after growing its cloud ARR by over 300% over the past year.

It doesn’t stop there. We’ve expanded our EMEA, APAC and North American regions, adding a range of fantastic customers to the Orbus family, including Merck, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and The Salvation Army.

Why are our customers signing up to us? Well, a new Forrester Economic Impact Report, quantifies a benefit of 400% ROI in three years by sunsetting 20% of applications.

To support businesses globally – especially when facing a looming recession – we’ll soon be announcing a range of new operational resiliency capabilities. Enterprises will have comprehensive visibility and insights into their technology ecosystem, empowering them to improve decision making and streamline operations. This includes an IT resilience and visibility dashboard for organizations to get closer to IT investments and sweat assets harder. 

These successes were celebrated at our recent Orbcon22 event. Here, we welcomed a whole host of new faces, including Thorsten Fuchs as Chief Marketing Officer. Thorsten, who joins us from ServiceNow, has previously held positions at Amazon Web Services and Microsoft

Adam Hale, Executive Chairman of Orbus Software, commented: “Organizations across the globe are eying events warily to see how the markets will react next. In a recession, preparing for a digital future is even more important than ever to stay ahead, stay aligned, and stay customer-centric. We saw this during the pandemic, and it was incredible to see how technology stood up to the test. Our investments in people, the platform, and our partner programme are to ensure resilience in the global organization all over again. A digital future should still be an imperative for companies globally.” 

At Orbcon22 we also celebrated our Global Partner Program. Officially announced this month, the program already includes over 50 partners. The launch of the Global Partner Program follows our customer-focused webinar on integrating with ServiceNow. 

What to get in touch with the Orbus Software team to see how you can become recession-resilient? Reach out here.