Orbus Software partners with Lucid Software

Orbus Software & Lucid Software

Today we’ve announced some exciting news. 

We’ve partnered with Lucidchart, the intelligent diagramming application created by Lucid Software. The integration will take our clients to new heights, improving collaboration, enhancing the decision making process and accelerating digital transformation.

Companies are now battling with the challenge of increasingly distributed teams, meaning effective and efficient collaboration is no easy task. To tackle this head on, the partnership will combine iServer365 with the visual collaboration and intelligent diagramming from Lucidchart to bring visual clarity to enterprises

Enterprises now have a single source of truth that will enable them to accelerate how they design, visualize and build their enterprise architectures and business processes. 

Even better, both tools integrate with Microsoft Office, Teams, and SharePoint environments, making it easy for cross-functional groups to seamlessly collaborate and drive transformation further. The visual clarity illustrates key connections and relationships, helping streamline technology decision-making

Commenting on the news, Marjorie Martinez, Global Head of Partnerships, said:

"Our mission is to provide enterprises with insights into their complex technology environments, enabling them to make better decisions and simplify operations. Lucidchart is a flexible canvas for visual collaboration and, when combined with iServer365, organizations now have a roadmap to easily and intuitively collaborate, while building resiliency into their digital infrastructure.”

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