Modern collaboration with Lucidchart

Create and share great process maps for your business by integrating with a world leading collaborative diagramming platform

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Good design starts with good visualization. The best processes start with collaboration.

  • Digital transformation is a journey not an event.
  • Cloud migration is not a one-off event
  • Provide visibility into enterprise portfolios and transformation roadmaps
  • Visualize and communicate in real time
  • Share accurate, up-to-date and traceable diagrams of enterprise architecture
  • Reduce risk, stay compliant

The journey to true collaboration

Understand why you need modern collaboration and why the best tools help you do this.

The journey to true collaboration
iServer365 integration with Lucidchart

Link Lucidchart with iServer365 and really collaborate

  • Create living blueprints
  • Support the cross functional teams
  • Drive technology change and transformation
  • Start to build collaborative strategy, transformation, architecture, risk, and security teams
  • Support governance, control, standardization and modernization

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Flexible and continuous integration with Lucidchart

  • Export visualizations to Lucidchart
  • Import Lucidchart document into your architecture
  • Link Lucidchart documents to models and objects
  • Create workflow support with robust versioning
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint

Lucidchart iServer365 view
Orbus Software & Lucidchart

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Lucidchart and iServer365

  • Combine extensive experience from trailblazers in their fields
  • Lucidchart was founded in 2010.
  • Ensure ease of adoption by combining intuitive software with seamless connections angle
  • Build out competency in how you make collaboration work
  • Make use of templates - both out of the box and customisable

Off-the-shelf, Self-Service Integrations and Interoperability

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