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"Having a single source of truth for EA facilitates collaboration within Peab. OrbusInfinity has enabled us to break down siloed functions and improve decision-making across the business"

Enterprise Architect at Peab
Martin Amandusson






Use Case

Enterprise Architecture

The Challenge

Peab is Sweden’s largest, and a leading Nordic, construction and engineering company. With 15,000 employees and 52,000 shareholders, the organisation works on construction projects ranging from large-scale infrastructure and housing, down to playgrounds.   

Peab supports the end-to-end construction value chain and prides itself on being the ‘Nordic community builder’, with the mission to improve everyday life where it is lived.  

In an industry that was becoming increasingly digital,  Peab enterprise architecture (EA) team wanted a solution that would support its continuing growth and facilitate coordination in business development, digital development and governance. 


Peab selected Orbus Software and OrbusInfinity for several reasons. The product’s native integrations with Microsoft technology provided close alignment with PEAB’s existing digital strategy and technology stack. This also offered flexibility to expand the EA practice to more use cases and stakeholders.  

In addition,  Peab valued OrbusInfinity’s competitive pricing model and Orbus Software’s reputation in the market for high-quality customer service and active collaboration with users.


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The Result

Having started using OrbusInfinity among a small team of architects to establish common ways of working,  Peab’s EA team now uses the platform on a daily basis to produce architecture deliverables for all of the organization’s major group initiatives.  

OrbusInfinity has helped the EA team to establish a common architecture practice, and it is now regarded as the single source of truth for Peab’s digital landscape.  

Beyond this, the platform has enabled the EA team to support the wider business in approaching change more systematically and improving decision-making. OrbusInfinity has also delivered a reliable view of resources that is now accessible to all stakeholders and has provided a foundation to work towards increased compliance and better risk and security management.   

With OrbusInfinity, Peab benefits from a reliable and efficient way to support its growth in a digital world while improving coordination and communication across the organization. 


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