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GPI Customer Choice Winners for the last 4 years

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Orbus receives unprecedented customer satisfaction scores which evidences the quality of customer service post-purchase.

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Product Value

The iServer platform is recognised globally for or its ease of use, flexibility and rich functionality and accelerating time to value for hundreds of customers across all industry sectors

  • Users literally stunned at the simplicity of use.

    Enterprise Architect, Energy and Utilities

  • Better functionality and ease of use than competitors at a lower price point.

    Chief Enterprise Architect, Manufacturing

  • iServer provides the flexibility to grow and develop your architecture as the business changes.

    Solution Architect, Finance

  • Rapid implementation, flexibility, ease of use led to agile approach to arch & strategy.

    Chief Enterprise Architect, Healthcare

  • Intuitive for users and consumers alike, with opportunities to integrate to other systems.

    Enterprise Architect, Finance

  • Orbus iServer is an excellent product for capturing, documenting and managing EA artifacts.

    IT Architect, Government


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Consultancy Services

Orbus consultants are unparalleled in their expertise and professionalism, providing 360 degree services across all industries. This is evidenced by industry leading Customer Satisfaction scores from over 500 organisations globally

  • Very responsive, competent and friendly consulting and customer support team.

    Project Manager, Energy and Utilities

  • Their consultants and service delivery staff were always very helpful and prompt to respond to queries.

    Head of Development, Energy and Utilities

  • Excellent implementation support. Skilled staff - no delays even after a change of staff on vendor side.

    Requirements Engineer, Retail

  • The services provided have proven to be customer oriented with a solution-oriented mind-set, much appreciated from the client side.

    Head of Unit, Finance

  • Orbus personnel have always gone the extra mile to ensure service delivery.

    Business Architect, Finance


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Technical Support

Orbus' goal is and always has been to provide the best technical support to any customer, anywhere in the world and our customers respond with excellent satisfaction ratings across all global regions

  • The support is excellent whether it is simple questions to the product or difficult technical questions.

    IT Operations Manager, Government

  • Their people are amazing! They have a balance of incredible technicians and support staff that know the software but communicate it in a way that everyone can understand.

    Director of Business and Enterprise Services, Finance

  • It's almost 4 years and we can say that Orbus' customer support is top notch.

    Systems Architect, Finance

  • They fully back up their product and training with quick, to the point answers and solutions from their support organization.

    Enterprise Architect, Education

  • Technical support is excellent and customer service is responsive and proactive.

    Technical Lead, Architecture


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Online Training

No other vendor offers the range and quality of certified business and IT training courses to complement it's product offering and accelerate skill-set development for our customers and end-users


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