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OrbusInfinity Value Accelerators

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We recognize that to get the most out of a new EA platform fast it needs to be quickly tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

That’s why we’ve put together our Accelerator Packages – which together cover all the most common high-value decision-making use cases, from Application Portfolio Management to Technology Roadmapping and everything in between.

Our Accelerators are personalised consulting workshops with expert Orbus consultants – and have been proven to help customers deliver use cases faster than they would do alone:


Accelerator Packages

Orbus Expertise: Proven Steps

Leveraging Orbus Expertise in Proven Steps


Each Accelerator consists of a pair of three-hour workshops that blend our experience and expertise with your knowledge of the business.

The step-by-step program has a set of tangible deliverables and outcomes – whether that be successfully importing the required data and diagrams, visualizing the decision-making output or socializing and communicating the results.

On top of this, the workshops help to foster buy-in and adoption amongst your team and the broader business.

Discover how hundreds of clients have benefited from our personalized consulting workshops here:


Professional Services


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