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Navigating Transformation Challenges

Managing change amidst uncertainty

Unscheduled downtime, loss of support, and uncertainty. The last thing you want to deal with in your transformation journey is uncertainty within your transformation provider. Entrust your transformation to a partner empowered by clarity and driven to support you amidst evolving landscapes.


Decades of Excellence

OrbusInfinity: A legacy of trust and evolution

With nearly 20 years in business, Orbus has consistently evolved to address major industry use cases and align with frameworks. Our longstanding presence in the market is a testament to our commitment, industry stewardship, and the trust we've garnered from a vast portfolio of global clients.


Why Orbus?

Orbus Software



"From the very start, we had a great relationship with Orbus. The team was extremely driven in making the platform a success for us."

Martin Amandusson

Enterprise Architect at PEAB

"We believe that OrbusInfinity will be foundational in making objective and appropriate investments where they are most urgently needed."

Tahir Javed

Director of Enterprise Architecture at SourceAmerica

"With OrbusInfinity, we can build a digital twin of the business, improve governance, and further engage and support our stakeholders"

Henrik Magnusson

Chief Architect at SmartestEnergy



Future Roadmap

What's new and what's next

We are driven by a feedback structure that focuses on continuous improvement and adaptability.


product roadmap timeline


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At the forefront

Industry-leading expertise  

We pride ourselves on maintaining a steady position in the industry with outstanding customer satisfaction and proven ROI.


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Growth unleashed

Accelerating your maturity journey

Nurture your enterprise’s growth with a partner that prioritizes your needs, your flexibility, and your success. Step-free of the limitations of other vendors and into the light of our expertly tailored, growth-focused enterprise transformation platform.


Customer Success Program

Orbus Software

Orbus vs others

How are we different?

We're proud to be part of such an innovative industry and strive to continue to set ourselves apart with a range of diverse functionalities



Strong EA heritage✔️
Microsoft 365 interoperability✔️
Cloud and hosted versions✔️✔️✔️cloud mainly✔️
Flexible ERP Integrations✔️✔️limitedlimited✔️
Global and local✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Forrester Wave, Gartner Magic Quadrant and Voice of the Customer Leader✔️   ✔️



TOGAF Archimate

Metamodel Mastery

Bespoke use cases 

Leverage our flexible CoreEA metamodel, inspired by industry standards like TOGAF and built on our vast experience. We enable users to establish their enterprise repository efficiently and get value fast.

Create or enable metamodel extensions and reference data of standards you want to use, like UML, COBIT or SABSA, and quickly put in place an enterprise metamodel that reflects the reality of your organization.

A single tool combining the functionality required for every team.

Features that empower

Experience a platform designed to facilitate your organization’s growth with no bounds

Flexible pricing with unlimited object capacity

OrbusInfinity Packaging


We want to help you grow and won't penalize you for scaling. From object to survey capacities, we remove limitations and encourage your maturity development.

With our flexible pricing model, you pay for only what you need, ensuring value at every pricing tier.


Customise your solution


Senior management involvement


Engage senior leaders with dashboards designed for strategic insights and analysis. Available as out-of-the-box functionality, share insights, use cases, and project reports with stakeholders for unified collaboration across the organization.



Because we know you are unique, OrbusInfinity is designed with flexibility in mind. We will tailor the platform to your organization, wherever you are in your journey.


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Guided Excellence

Customer Success program

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers act as strategic advisors, leveraging years of experience in Enterprise Architecture to guide you towards value-driven outcomes. Benefit from monthly webinars, in-person events, and a thriving community, where you can learn from other customers and receive tailored product guidance. With Orbus Software's Customer Success, your success is our priority.


Customer Success Program

Orbus Software
OrbusInfinity Nexus Community


Join our community

At Orbus, we are committed to continuous learning and development. Our professional services division provides year-round courses to enhance your internal EA knowledge and achieve excellence in strategic execution. In addition, our OrbusNexus community is a dynamic platform for collaboration, exchanging ideas, and connecting with OrbusInfinity users across different organizations. Join us to gain insights, perspectives, and unparalleled support.


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