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Simple, flexible packaging allows you to invest only in what you need today and build as you grow.

OrbusInfinity Packaging


4-Step Custom Pricing

Our pricing is designed around a simple, four-step process to ensure OrbusInfinity aligns with your current needs and grows with your team. Follow the steps below to customize and scale your investment:



Step One 

What do you want to use the platform for?

Enterprise Architecture

Empower your EA practice to deliver insights and impact fast with a CoreEA metamodel, toolkits, and visualizations to enable business, application, technology, and data architecture deliverables.

cloud migration agility

IT Portfolio Management

Take control of your IT portfolio with a wide range of assessment toolkits and reports that provide a comprehensive view of IT assets, associated costs, and alignment with business goals.

strategic transformation

Strategic Planning

Align business strategies and capabilities with processes and your IT landscape with pre-packed content and reports which enable decisions to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and value creation.

environmental, social and governance

Business Process Foundations

Model and analyze your process landscape fast using standard notation. Understand process interdependencies with your strategies and IT infrastructure using process templates and reports

Step Two 

Which additional capabilities do you need?

In addition to our pre-packaged solutions, you may require further capabilities to help you quickly structure and enrich the information in OrbusInfinity in line with specific user or stakeholder requirements. These are provided as self-service integrations and pre-configured support for common industry frameworks.

Streamline tasks and data flow between apps with easy, automated workflows.
IT infrastructure
All-in-one IT management solutions for optimizing and streamlining IT infrastructure
MS Project-
Project Portfolio Management: align PMO and EA
Repository Task Management: organize and track reviews
MS Outlook
Notifications and Approvals: validate data and schedule review cycles
Integrated Risk Management: bidirectional lifecycle management and reports
lucidchart integration
Visualisation & Collaboration: create and share process maps
Surveys & Data Collection: source and maintain repository content
jira integration
Agile Work Planning: synchronize backlogs by schedule or event
Flexera Logo as one of OrbusInfinity Integrations
IT Asset Management: create and update software releases.
excel integration
Import and Export: objects, relationships and attributes
cherwell integration
IT Asset Management: automated imports of assets
Agile Work Planning: aligning product IT and EA
Cloud Architecture Management: create groups, resources, locations
IT Asset Management: import and Export records and applications
Content Creation and Sharing: engage with wider business
Doc Management and Collaboration: native integration
Reporting & Data Visualisation: prebuilt interactive report packs
Modelling & Diagramming: extended with intelligent diagramming assistance
EA Framework


TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a comprehensive framework that provides guidelines and best practices for enterprise architecture framework design, planning, implementation, and governance.



The ArchiMateĀ® modeling language is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture standard that supports the description, analysis, and visualization of architecture within and across business domains.

Step Three 

Who needs to use the platform?

OrbusInfinity caters for different stakeholders with varying engagement requirements for the platform. We offer licenses for different user types, enabling you to tailor the level of engagement to meet the needs of individuals across your team, function, and wider organization.

(There is no selection needed in this step; this will be discussed with our experts)


Orbus Software

Users in the role of functional administrators, modelers and content creators through all means available.

Authors have access to the OrbusInfinity platform environment with the ability to initialize and manage content. They can use a variety of tools spanning creation to publication, and can administrate both users and repository structure.



Users in the role of content owners, contributing business, and technical stakeholders and reviewers of content.

Contributors have access to the OrbusInfinity platform environment and can create and edit data within a permitted scope. Typically used by object owners and specialists contributing to the repository by creating and editing data in the platform or via SharePoint.




Users in the role consuming information.

Viewers have access to the OrbusInfinity platform environment and can view reports and outputs that have been shared. Viewers cannot edit content but can provide feedback where permitted. 

Step Four 

How much support do you require?

Orbus software provides comprehensive technical assistance and guidance for you if you have questions or encounter issues with the platform. Two levels of support are provided and may include troubleshooting, bug fixing, and providing solutions to help improve performance.



  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to Community Platform
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Access to Self-Training (Learning Experience Platform)
  • Access to Roadmap and Innovation Portal
  • Business Hours Email and Web Support Standard
  • Incident Response Times
  • Critical 24h
  • High 24h
  • Normal 7 days
  • Production Instance of SaaS platform


Everything offered in the Standard package, plus:

  • Faster Incident Response Times: Ensure business continuity with expedited support.
  • Critical: Within 2 hours
  • High: Within 12 hours
  • Normal: Within 24 hours
  • Additional SaaS Platform Instance: Access both Production & Development instances for greater flexibility and testing capabilities.


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