Beyond Compliance: The Impact of IRAP on Data Security

Graphic illustration showing a clipboard, a padlock and the IRAP logo


The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) is a vital cog in Australia's public sector data security machinery. It does more than simply ensure compliance; it actively shapes strategic security postures, fortifying defenses, and fostering a proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

The strategic value of IRAP 

While compliance is a fundamental aspect of IRAP, the program's true value lies in its strategic impact. The rigorous assessments carried out by IRAP assessors not only enforce compliance but also promote a continuous improvement approach to data security. 

This approach to security is more critical than ever. As cyber threats grow in number and sophistication, in 2021-2022 Australian organizations reported over 76,000 cybercrime incidents, up 13% from the previous financial year, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre. Hence, security strategies need to go beyond static compliance checkboxes and adapt to this dynamic threat landscape. 

The impact of IRAP on Orbus Software 

At Orbus Software, our journey through the IRAP assessment has re-affirmed our approach to data security and management. The rigorous assessment has reinforced our commitment to robust cybersecurity, with an understanding that this is an ongoing, ever-evolving effort, not a one-time exercise. 

Our strategic focus has shifted towards building a resilient and adaptive security posture. It has stimulated continuous improvement efforts, pushing us to regularly review and enhance our security controls and processes. 

Influencing national data security policies 

IRAP's strategic impact extends beyond individual organizations to influence data security policies at the national level. The program's structure and objectives align with Australia's broader cybersecurity strategy, contributing to a resilient and secure digital economy. 

This alignment ensures that the public sector’s security measures keep pace with the evolving cyber threat landscape. It promotes the use of cutting-edge security technologies and methodologies, contributing to the country's overall cybersecurity readiness. 

Long-term benefits and future assessments 

The strategic impact of the IRAP assessment offers long-term benefits. It establishes a robust security foundation and a culture of continuous improvement, allowing organizations to adapt to new threats and regulations swiftly. 

At Orbus Software, we are committed to maintaining our IRAP assessment and achieving the highest levels of data security. As part of this commitment, we plan regular assessments to ensure that our security practices remain at the forefront of the industry. 

IRAP’s impact on public sector data security is profound. It goes beyond compliance to shape robust security postures, align with national policies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Through our journey with IRAP, we are positioned at the forefront of secure SaaS providers, helping public sector organizations navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.