Why Partner with an IRAP-Assessed Organization?

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In the realm of data security, Australian organizations grapple with significant challenges. Regulatory compliance, data breach threats, public trust, and the need for secure digital transformation are all facets of the puzzle that demand attention. To successfully address these issues, many organizations are turning to partnerships with IRAP-assessed service providers, such as Orbus Software. 

Understanding the challenges 

Regulatory compliance: Government bodies must adhere to strict regulations to protect sensitive information, often making compliance a resource-intensive exercise. 

Data breach threats: As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, public sector and financial services organizations find themselves prime targets. Research from Trellix’s XDR: Redefining the future of cybersecurity report indicates that public sector organizations face an average of 49.73 cybersecurity incidents daily, while finance, insurance and accounting were among the top sectors to notify data breaches, according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.  

Maintaining public trust: The public's trust in organizations protecting their data is paramount. However, with more than half (57%) of respondents to a GetApp survey saying they feel more concerned about cybersecurity than a year ago, trust can be hard to come by. 

Secure digital transformation: In the race to digitize services and meet citizens' expectations, security risks often surface. Organizations must find the balance between modernizing operations and maintaining security.  

The IRAP advantage 

Partnering with an IRAP-assessed organization addresses these challenges head-on. Why? Because it means the organization adheres to the high data security standards set by the Australian government. 

Reduced risk: An IRAP-assessed partner like Orbus Software ensures that cloud services meet stringent security standards. This adherence mitigates the risk of breaches, thereby offering a more secure platform for data storage and management. 

Assured compliance: IRAP-assessed organizations have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the Australian Government Information Security Manual's standards. As a result, organizations can ensure regulatory compliance with minimal strain on resources. 

Enhanced trust: Organizations operating across government, the public sector, and financial services that work with IRAP-assessed solution providers can reassure the public about their data security measures. This transparency strengthens public trust, a vital element in any government-citizen relationship. 

Secure digital transformation: Partnering with an IRAP-assessed solution provider also ensures that digital transformation is anchored in security. By choosing a secure SaaS platform like OrbusInfinity, organizations can accelerate their digital efforts without compromising on security. 

Partnering with an IRAP-assessed business offers a viable solution to some of the most pressing data security challenges faced by Australian organizations. At Orbus Software, our IRAP assessment is more than just a badge – it's a commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for all our customers, aiding in operational transformation and system modernization. 

Find out more about our IRAP journey and continued efforts to enhance security.   

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