Empowering Business Strategy with Capability Mapping

Graphic illustration of Business Capability Management starter kit box containing maps, magnifying glass, lightbulb and more

How can businesses meet their strategic goals if they don’t understand their strengths and weaknesses? The answer is they can’t very effectively, and it’s something that organizations worldwide continue to struggle with. 

Business capability management provides a way for businesses to introspect, looking inwards to visualize and assess the fundamental elements and activities that make them unique, resilient, and ultimately able to change. This strategic tool delineates the mix of people, processes, technologies, and information that enables a business to achieve its objectives and reach its potential by offering a high-level overview that is essential for strategic planning and operational efficiency. 

Why business capability management is essential  

Adopting business capability management allows organizations to align their strategies with operational activities, ensuring that resources are optimally allocated towards areas of highest impact. This approach aids in identifying redundancies, streamlining processes, and pinpointing areas for improvement. By mapping out capabilities, businesses gain a clearer understanding of how to leverage their strengths, address weaknesses, and seize opportunities for growth. 

Introducing our Business Capability Starter Maps for OrbusInfinity 

In response to the active engagement and feedback from our user community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Business Capability Starter Maps. The creation of these starter maps was significantly influenced by our customer workshops in 2023, conducted through our community platform OrbusNexus. These collaborative efforts have culminated in a tool that directly addresses the needs and challenges identified by our users. 

We are also delighted to highlight our partnership with GlueReply in this initiative. The expertise and insights of Miguel Ansaras, Enterprise Architect and Digital Transformation Consultant, have been invaluable in developing these starter maps, which we believe will serve as a crucial resource for organizations aiming to refine their capability management processes. 

These Business Capability Starter Maps represent a leap forward in our ongoing journey to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. They not only offer a foundation for understanding and optimizing business operations but also reinforce our dedication to empowering our users with the tools necessary for strategic success and operational excellence. 

Benefits of using our Business Capability Starter Maps 

  • Save time: Reuse proven, industry-specific frameworks that have been socialized and refined through experience.
  • Leverage shared knowledge: Benefit from the collective knowledge and efforts of other organizations in creating a versatile template. 

  • Focus on your uniqueness: Refine aspects that showcase how your business stands out and adds value. 

  • Enhance collaboration: Utilize OrbusInfinity as a common platform for building, commenting, and updating your business representation, fostering stronger collaboration. Starter maps have been shown to improve this collaboration early on by demonstrating the value of capability mapping within your organization.  

  • Immediate momentum: Start with a robust foundation, avoiding the guesswork of building from scratch. 

Find out more about our Business Capability Starter Maps.  

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