From Ambition to Action: Embedding Sustainability in Every Business Decision

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In a recent OrbusLive session titled 'The rise of ESG and the challenge of operationalizing sustainability,' Claire De Bie, Principal Product Manager, and Natalia Di Palma, VP of Growth Marketing, delved into the profound impact of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and the critical importance of making sustainability an integral part of every business decision. This post-event summary explores the key insights and takeaways from their discussion, emphasizing the role of OrbusInfinity in supporting organizations on their ESG journeys. 

Why now? Bridging the gap from ambition to action 

The session commenced by addressing the fundamental question: "Why now?" The world is witnessing a seismic shift where sustainability has taken center stage. Digital transformation, once at the forefront of C-suite agendas, has been surpassed by sustainability as the number one priority. However, being a trending topic doesn't necessarily equate to meaningful progress. It is imperative to bridge the gap between ambition and action. 

Making sustainability a strategic priority  

Many organizations have lofty sustainability goals for 2030 and 2050, often involving various platforms and technologies. Yet, the challenge lies in transforming sustainability from a strategic agenda item into actionable everyday decisions. Silos within organizations hinder effective and efficient progress. OrbusInfinity offers a solution by bringing departments together for more transparent conversations and providing visibility into the sustainability journey. 

Cultural transformation and partnership  

To be effective, ESG must be embedded culturally within an organization. As one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, partnership is a top priority. Conversations with executives and transformation teams can be the catalyst for change. Start by initiating conversations, asking critical questions, and promoting curiosity. Incentivizing ESG efforts should focus on rewards, recognition, and cultural change rather than punitive measures. 

Orbus Software's approach to ESG  

Claire and Natalia emphasized that no ESG journey is smooth; it's often characterized by chaos. OrbusInfinity takes a unique approach by formalizing and aligning what matters to the organization strategically and culturally. The journey begins with a vision of the world we want to live in, followed by a materiality assessment. This process aligns internal changes with external customer needs. 

Communication and starting points  

Effective communication and starting points are vital in the ESG journey. Employees engaged in sustainability topics naturally become curious and proactive. OrbusInfinity helps surface critical ESG information, making it easier to initiate change. Questions evolve and become more granular as businesses refine their sustainability strategies. 

The role of benchmarking  

Benchmarking can be a double-edged sword. Some organizations thrive on competitive elements, while others find it hinders their progress. There is no prize for being more sustainable, except for the planet itself. Every organization's sustainability journey is unique, and the pursuit of improvement should never cease. 

Sustainability as an integral part of transformation  

Sustainability is no longer an optional consideration during transformation processes. It must be integrated into decision-making criteria, alongside factors such as time, cost, impact, alignment to strategy, and new technology. Sustainability's inclusion ensures that organizations make informed, responsible choices. 

OrbusInfinity's role  

OrbusInfinity is not a replacement for specialist ESG tools but serves as a vital link between sustainability and organizational transformation. It collects and integrates data, aligning it with decision-making and roadmaps. Sustainability should permeate every facet of a business, and OrbusInfinity aims to shift thinking and foster collaboration. 


As the world becomes increasingly focused on ESG, organizations must evolve to meet these challenges. OrbusInfinity stands at the forefront, offering a platform that integrates sustainability into the heart of every business decision. By bridging the gap between ambition and action, fostering cultural change, and promoting collaboration, OrbusInfinity paves the way for a sustainable future.  

Watch the full recording of the session, and stay tuned for more information on OrbusInfinity’s dedicated ESG offering. 

Find out more about our own ESG commitments, and join our OrbusNexus community’s Sustainability Forum to continue the conversation. 

Together, we can make sustainability a core principle guiding every business endeavor.