OrbusInfinity and Just Group: The Blueprint for a Resilient Financial Future

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Every enterprise seeks to break down its silos, streamline its operations, and deliver value seamlessly. This journey of evolution, however, demands more than just ambition; it requires the right tools. 

Understanding Just Group's challenges

Just Group is not just another financial entity. With a mission to make people's twilight years brighter, the firm offers sage financial advice and products to those gearing up for, or living in, their retirement phase. But to do this effectively, it needed to ensure that its internal processes were as clear and streamlined as possible.

Navigating the maze of its intricate application landscape, deciphering siloed data, and grappling with an increasing need for compliance made its mission more daunting. To address it, it needed an enterprise transformation tool. 

Why Orbus Software?

In pursuit of this clarity, Just Group initially found solace in iServer, which offered insights into the firm’s capabilities, applications, and business processes. Yet, as it evolved, so did its needs.

In 2022, Just Group migrated to our cloud platform OrbusInfinity. Now, the organization manages technical debt, makes pivotal investment decisions, and assimilates architectural viewpoints, all in the cloud. Integration with existing tools also meant a unified framework across all business areas, simplifying onboarding and ensuring consistency.

“OrbusInfinity allows us to have all our compliance, risk, and IT governance controls in one place with increased visibility for our board, key executives, and regulators,” said Simone Murrough, Head of BPO, CI and Governance at Just Group. 

Looking ahead with OrbusInfinity

Murrough believes that the robustness, resilience, and clarity that OrbusInfinity has offered will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in fueling Just Group's future endeavors.

As you forge ahead in your digital journey, remember it's about having the right tools. And if Just Group's story is anything to go by, OrbusInfinity is a tool worth its weight in gold.

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