Revolutionizing Enterprise Architecture at IKEA with OrbusInfinity

Graphic illustration of someone putting furniture together

In the dynamic world of enterprise transformation, informed and effective decision-making is essential. That’s why global home furnishings retailer IKEA uses OrbusInfinity. 

In a recent OrbusLive session titled ‘Mythbusting Migration: How IKEA is leveraging OrbusInfinity’, Anke Tersteegen, Architecture Leader at IKEA Group, shared the company’s experience of migrating to OrbusInfinity, exploring its strategic shift to a unified, efficient enterprise architecture. From creating a more effective repository to enhancing stakeholder engagement, Anke highlighted how the enterprise transformation platform has helped IKEA to streamline business processes.   

The genesis of transformation 

IKEA's quest for a cutting-edge, repository-based tool led it to OrbusInfinity. The need was clear: migrating thousands of architecture artifacts, previously scattered across various formats like Visio, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint, into a unified, streamlined repository. This ambitious goal aimed to establish a single source of truth, enhancing efficiency and promoting standardization across the organization.

The strategic choice: Why OrbusInfinity? 

Having used Orbus Software’s on-premises service iServer since 2017, the decision to migrate to OrbusInfinity was simple. IKEA wanted to accelerate its enterprise architecture journey with a SaaS solution that would seamlessly integrate with existing content in Visio and Excel while being deeply embedded in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  

The migration to OrbusInfinity, though extensive, was completed in just three months. This process involved: 

  • Cleansing existing data and content: Conducting an audit of the content being migrated to OrbusInfinity to get the most from OrbusInfinity.  

  • Streamlining the metamodel: Aligning it closer to standards like TOGAF and the Orbus metamodel CoreEA, ensuring coherence and consistency. 

  • Enhancing accessibility: Moving to a true SaaS implementation allowed for improved stakeholder access and wider business engagement. 

  • Advanced reporting: The native integration with SharePoint and out-of-the-box dashboards facilitated better reporting capabilities. 

  • User training: Comprehensive training was provided to over 100 users, expanding the tool's reach within the organization. 

Post-migration: A new era of enterprise architecture 

Post-migration, IKEA experienced a significant transformation in how enterprise architecture was managed. OrbusInfinity’s web-based repository accelerated workflows, and the integration capabilities with other systems opened new avenues for innovation. Customized reporting and continuous support from the Orbus consultancy team were instrumental in this phase. 

“We worked closely with the Orbus consultants throughout the process. They were very knowledgeable and supportive, and we were never left alone,” said Anke. “We have continuous support from the team; they’re helping us to increase stakeholder engagement further by adjusting out-of-the-box reports and creating customized reports.”  

Looking ahead: Continuous improvement and growth 

IKEA's journey with OrbusInfinity is not just about overcoming the challenges of migration but also about embracing continuous improvement and growth. The focus now shifts to areas like business architecture and IT portfolio management, leveraging the capabilities of OrbusInfinity to provide deeper insights and more strategic planning. 

A partnership for the future 

IKEA's experience with OrbusInfinity highlights the importance of not just the right tools, but also the right partnership. The journey underscores the transformative power of aligning technology with business objectives, and the role of strategic guidance in navigating the complexities of digital transformation. 

Watch the full recording of the session at your convenience.