Sustainability and Enterprise Architecture: The Alliance for a Better Future

Photos of Orbinar session speakers

We’ve all seen the figures – a 1.5-degree rise in temperature (which we are fast approaching) will result in drastic changes to life on earth. The business world currently sits at a crossroads: continue with a profits-only focus or start making changes to reduce its impact on the planet. 

As an enabler of enterprise transformation, we believe that there is a critical intersection of enterprise architecture and sustainability, where organizations can use the discipline to understand their impact on the planet and work to mitigate it. 

We recently hosted an Orbinar on this topic Sustainability and Enterprise Architecture: The Alliance for a Better Future where we discussed the pivotal role of enterprise architecture in driving the sustainability agenda. 

Our speakers Claire De Bie, Principal Product Manager at Orbus Software, and Stéphane Vanrechem, Senior Analyst at Forrester, emphasized the opportunity that enterprise architecture presents for transformative change. Stéphane shared invaluable insights and actionable tips on enhancing IT management for a more sustainable future. Through strategies that span from shaping and embedding a sustainability framework to adopting practical approaches for IT sustainability, Stephane illuminated paths for organizations to contribute meaningfully to environmental stewardship. 

Key takeaways included: 

  • The essential role of enterprise architecture in enabling sustainable transformation. 
  • Practical strategies for making IT management more sustainable, such as extending the life of electronic devices and adopting a cloud-first approach.
  • The importance of partnerships and collaborative efforts in overcoming sustainability challenges.  

As we embrace the intersection of technology and sustainability for better business solutions and a healthier planet, we encourage those who couldn't join us live to catch up with all the knowledge and insights shared. 

Access the recording on-demand.