Unlocking Business Process Management with OrbusInfinity: A Comprehensive Guide

Graphic illustration of business processes

Are you ready to take your business process management to the next level? In a recent Orbinar session hosted by Kevin Bender, Customer Success Manager, and Sean Cleary, Vice President of Pre-Sales, we delved into the world of business process management (BPM) using OrbusInfinity. In this comprehensive guide, we'll distill the key insights and strategies shared during the session. 

What is business process management? 

Business process management (BPM) is a strategic approach that organizations use to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. It involves capturing, visualizing, and managing business processes to optimize their performance. 

The power of OrbusInfinity 

OrbusInfinity is a robust tool designed to empower organizations in their BPM journey. It provides a centralized platform to understand and leverage business processes seamlessly. 

How to start your business process management journey 

1. Process landscape visualization: Start by creating a process landscape that offers a holistic view of your organization's processes. This landscape includes defining processes, identifying owners, and understanding their relationships. 

2. Integration with architecture: OrbusInfinity seamlessly integrates process management into the architecture context. Create dynamic views aligning business processes with architecture elements such as applications, data, and capabilities. 

3. Visualization and reporting: Leverage OrbusInfinity's visualization capabilities, including landscape views, process flows, and interactive reports. These visuals enable stakeholders to grasp processes easily and make informed decisions. 

4. Process data utilization: Process data can be a goldmine. Use it for process optimization, risk assessment, and alignment with digitization initiatives. It's not just about capturing data but making it actionable. 

5. Maintaining processes: Ensure your processes stay up to date. Implement strategies such as having process owners, regular reviews, and engaging stakeholders. Make processes accessible and encourage feedback. 

6. APQC process levels: Leverage industry-specific APQC process levels for creating comprehensive process landscapes. Import models or customize them to fit your organization's unique needs. 

7. Metamodel extensions: OrbusInfinity's capabilities, such as dynamic views and reports, function seamlessly within metamodel extensions. Customize and extend your BPM capabilities effortlessly. 

Your BPM journey starts here 

Unlock the full potential of your business processes with OrbusInfinity. To explore these insights in detail and gain deeper insights from Kevin Bender and Sean Cleary, watch the session recording. Discover how BPM can elevate your organization's efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

This article was updated on 2 November 2023.