Can Agile and Enterprise Architecture (EA) work together?

A few weeks ago, we discussed bringing Agile philosophies into the culture of an EA function. However, this avoids the question of whether Agile, DevOps and related approaches can even work well with EA in the first place. After all, Agile tends to focus on rapid, incremental changes that respond to user demands, while Enterprise Architecture is all about carefully planned, large scale transformations.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of similarities between the two as well. Agile and EA are both flexible, and in fact opportunities abound for EA to enhance the capabilities of Agile development teams. This eBook will look at how the two can work together and provide some practical suggestions for integrating EA with Agile DevOps.

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  • The key differences and similarities between Agile and EA

  • 6 ways that EA can help to deliver Agile development in an organization

  • How Agile Architects could be the key to integration

  • Make use of User Stories to embed architecture in Agile development