A systematic approach to delivering effective operating models

How mature is your business operating model? Are teams siloed and disconnected? Or tightly integrated and aligned?

The success of organizations in the digital age is dependent on building efficient, flexible and scalable operating models. Instead of waiting for projects and subsequent analysis to be completed, the business must find a way to preemptively make decisions; holistically aligning different people, processes and technology enables this to be done in real-time. The alternative is strategic objectives being delayed by indecision and confusion, allowing competitors to steal a march.

Only by running cross-domain impact analysis can organizations effectively transition, plan and roadmap. Progress must be judged by key performance indicators, while precise dashboards ensure information is easily accessible to all stakeholders and interested parties.

The Metamodel of Architectural Domains poster provides a concise visual guide to all the different facets of architecture and how they interconnect, including:

  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Process
  • Risk
  • Product and Business Services
  • Technology
  • Data and Information

Find out how you can deliver a mature enterprise-wide architecture by downloading your copy of The Metamodel of Architectural Domains now.